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News - July 2008

The first meeting of the Genovax Scientific Board was held in Genova: Franco Indiveri, Gilberto Filaci and Daniela Fenoglio from Genova, and Domenico Criscuolo, Luciano Stabile, Simone Zanolo and Domenico Barone from Ivrea attended it.

Domenico Criscuolo welcomed all participants and stressed the importance of an open and constructive discussion on the scientific and technical aspects of Genovax programs, in order to better address the activities. He then briefly illustrated the 2008 objectives, underlining that all of them are being pursued.

Gilberto Filaci presented the news on the GX101 project, with the ongoing production of material to repeat the lupus-prone mice vaccination study; regarding the GX301 project, the clinical supply is being produced and it will be released at the end of 2008.

Domenico Barone then presented the preclinical program of the GX101 program: these studies will be discussed and agreed with experts of the National Institute of Health. This meeting will be called in early 2009, after the lupus-prone mice study results.

Finally Franco Indiveri illustrated possible new projects, which may be added to Genovax portfolio. They are still in a preliminary phase, so they will be discussed at the next meeting.

Luciano Stabile, in closing the meeting, expressed appreciation for the ongoing work and for the scientific background of Genovax activities.

July 2008

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