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News - October 2011

Genovax is proud to announce that the Phase I/II clinical study is now completed! In fact the planned recruitment of 10 patients with advanced prostate carcinoma was achieved a few months ago. Clinical results, even if still preliminary, indicate a mean survival time longer than 11 months, with 4 patients with stable disease. It is a clinically significant result, as scientific literature indicate, for this category of patients, a mean survival time of about six months.

The renal carcinoma study arm is still open to recruitment: in fact it is a rare disease, hence patients recruitment is much slower. At present we included three patients in the study, who are all dead: but mean survival time was 13 months, indeed an encouraging result! Genovax is now in advanced discussions with potential investors, who will financially support the planned Phase II clinical study in prostate carcinoma: the study will recruit 60 patients with a less advanced stage of the disease in one year time, from various Italian clinical sites. Study start is now planned in the first half of 2012.

October 2011

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